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He was the first born son of Yunosuke Aoki, a samurai descendant and his wife Katsu Aoki. Yunosuke taught himself to tap dance watching Fred Astaire movies. They married and opened a Jazz coffee shop, which they named Ellington after their favorite jazz musician Duke Ellington. Yunosuke changed the theme of the coffee shop to a sweet shop specializing in desserts during the war. There was a strong demand for sweets and Yunosuke knew how to seize the moment. Yunosuke met a talented chef,Fujisake, who inspired him to open a full service restaurant.

The duo traveled all over world to find delicious sauces. The restaurant became well known for its mouth watering sauces. Our non Japanese chef came to our table some time later. What the eff.

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I opted for the salad and MK got the soup. Salad was ok — nothing memorable but it did taste fresh. I believe they use a ginger dressing for this salad.

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But heck, her bday was coming up and mine was last month so eff it. And we were probably going to be here for another 3 hours at the speed this lunch was going….

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So while drinking our wine, MK pulled out her phone and started texting. They look miserable. Then I started laughing out loud soooo hard. Me and MK. He wheels this thing in. This cart has the garlic butter, scallions, soy, veggies, and proteins that were selected by everyone. The left one is a ginger based sauce which I preferred.

My whole perspective of that lunch started to shift right then and there. ON like Donkey Kong is that how you say it? So delicious. So buttery and garlicky.

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MK choose this one. They use a New York strip steak for this. It tasted pretty good though but portion wise, the combo option is better.

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At Benihana, it's not just a meal, it's an experience. The Chef's Table and receive the latest Benihana news, special offers and a complimentary $30 Benihana. To celebrate our 55th Anniversary, we have created a unique twist on our most iconic cocktail. Our classic Mai Tai recipe is enhanced with a float of the premium and indulgent Hennessy VSOP Privilege Cognac. WATERMELON PUNCH BOWL.

Service was amazing. After the non-talking couple left, the group of 3 sitting across from us started laughing. Turns out the girl in their group was there to celebrate her bday that lunch.

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And Danny was gracious enough to give an ice cream sundae to both the girl and MK. They also commemorate it by taking a digital picture of you and putting it in a Benihana paper photo frame. Food was delicious AND affordable. Company was amazing and I can truly admit that I will never forget this meal. Benihana is located everywhere. Oh well. She has a heart of gold, a spirit that touches everyone she meets, and a faith that never fails. I can say, without a doubt, that we share the same hopes, the same beliefs, the same dreams. I pray for her every night. Not because I worry about her which I do but because I want for her to be happy.

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And for her to have the courage to wait. To be still when times call for it. And she rarely cries. I find that to be false. MK and I have always been honest with each other and there have been many tears and laughter shed because of this brutal honesty at times. We mirror each other in so many ways the good and the bad. I just totally remembered something just now — last year, we were both bored on a Fri night so we called each other. And basically that night, two single gals, one in SD, the other in LA, propped up their feet, got comfy on the sofa and planned their weddings to non-existent fiancees I mean we both broke out our laptops and got real: from what type of dress we were going to wear, the venue, the food, etc.

It was so funny yet so us at the same time. So Happy birthday MK.

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So buttery and garlicky. Compare the work satisfaction at Benihana Inc. Benihana is located everywhere. This beverage is especially unique because it's topped with a bottle of La Marca Prosecco. Reviewed 1 week ago Excellent birthday meal. Read This Next.

Have the courage to wait. Shame on you for picking out the carrots and tomatoes from your salad also! People tend to wig out when they see how much garlic butter the Benihana guy uses on the rice but my eyes just get so wide and happy.

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This brings back memories Faye….. Ahh, Benihana. And I have to admit I always love the onion volcano! That couple probably had a fight or something before they came in! Good friends make life so happy.