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However, with an election very soon afterwards, it was never implemented, with plans for the relief being cancelled by the incoming Coalition government. After lobbying from the video games industry, a more modest relief was announced in the budget. Video Games Tax Relief works by reducing the taxable profit of a video game developer. If a game is loss-making then the developer can claim a cash credit from HMRC.

After it was confirmed that the UK government would be going ahead with the scheme, the European Commission announced that it would hold an investigation into the proposed relief to determine whether the subsidy was permissible under state aid rules. The government raised a concern that video games producers could make much more money creating games that were tailored towards the international market, because they could achieve huge economies of scale from targeting a larger community of gamers.

As a result, producers were stripping out cultural references relevant to British and European gamers from the storylines of their games, and this was having an impact on British culture.

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The Video Games Tax Credit would therefore be available only to games that were culturally British, under a test administered by the British Film Institute. In order to qualify as being culturally British, games are scored against a number of criteria, including being set in the UK, having British lead characters, or being produced in the UK.

There is no evidence that this review has taken place. That Grand Theft Auto should receive any tax credits at all may seem bizarre to some. The guidance note for the cultural test states:. For example, much has been written on a lack of female video game developers, and the differing perspectives and sensibilities that women bring to video game productions.

Encouraging cultural diversity implies challenging preconceptions, assumptions and ways of working. It goes beyond simple equal opportunities and recognition of difference and emphasises the potential creative connections that can be forged across different perspectives through access, inclusion, and collaboration —and the direct impact of these on the video game as a cultural product…. It is unlikely that the drafters of that guidance had in mind a game which allows the player to murder prostitutes when formulating the cultural test. For most observers, the controversial game would probably fall under the category of a game produced purely for entertainment rather than a game with significant cultural content. The game was made famous by its free-wheeling game play which allows players to car-jack, carry out random killings and blow up things whilst progressing through the ranks of organised crime.

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None of the lead characters are British, and the 5 th instalment in the series is set in Los Santos, a fictional representation of Los Angeles. Previous editions had been set in New York, Florida and California. The game was however largely developed in the UK. Having been certified as culturally British in , Rockstar North starting receiving Video Games Tax Credits in the financial year ending March The amount it claimed was substantial. In the company also recorded a large retrospective adjustment for tax paid in previous years.

Although the statutory accounts of Rockstar North, the maker of Grand Theft Auto V, state that the company is hardly making any profit, the game is widely reported to be the most profitable media product in history. Alongside GTA V, the company developed an add-on GTA Online, which created a new virtual world where gamers could interact with other players over the internet.

GTA Online generates revenue for Take-Two as players can buy virtual currency to purchase new items in the game. These sales have translated into vast profits for the company and its senior management. This figure is corroborated by data on internal royalties paid by the company. The success of the Grand Theft Auto franchise would suggest that the vast majority, if not all of the cash being allocated to internal royalties by Take-Two is being used to fund the Rockstar royalty plan. How is it possible that a game made in the UK, generating billions of dollars in profit for its parent companies and senior management, makes a loss for tax purposes in the UK and is able to claim tax back from the government?

Rockstar North is one cog in the Take-Two machine, but an important one.


In return for creating this intellectual property, Rockstar North would presumably have had a contract with Take-Two to remunerate it for its work. The contract would appear to have been constructed so that Rockstar North receives not much more than the cost of its work. We interrupt our regularly scheduled routine of leak-gathering to bring you something rather The World Record-breaking attempt began on 5 October , and as of now is still going strong.

Here's the livestream which has been replaced after technical difficulties for those of you who would like to witness this titanic feat of human endurance as it unfolds:. As you'll see below, we expect GTA 6 to launch in That's over 17, hours from now, which means that by the end of this stream, 10HourMovies will be several thousand euros richer.

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Or, you know, on the brink of an exhaustion-induced death. Based on everything we know so far, our current best guess is that GTA 6 won't launch until at least There are a number of reasons why this is likely the case, although obviously our logic here depends heavily upon the accuracy of a whole host of leaks. Rockstar usually teases its games at least two years before they actually launch, which gives us a solid timeframe within which GTA 6 might be teased. On top of that, most leaks seem to agree on one thing: GTA 6 will be a next-gen exclusive. Most recently, a sizeable Reddit post transcribed by Technobezz suggested exactly that, but it's by no means the first to do so — an anonymous Pastebin user said the same thing several months ago.

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Given that the PS5 and Xbox Two are launching in the autumn of , we can assume that this will be the earliest date at which a trailer might drop for the new game; two years from takes us to , which is when — in our Expert opinion — GTA 6 will launch. If you want proof that development is underway, consider this: Rockstar Leeds is hiring for an as-of-yet unnamed next-gen project.

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Minecraft Nintendo Wii U. Given that the PS5 and Xbox Two are launching in the autumn of , we can assume that this will be the earliest date at which a trailer might drop for the new game; two years from takes us to , which is when — in our Expert opinion — GTA 6 will launch. Players may also visit places such as cinemas and strip clubs. You will be redirected back here when linking is complete. Archived from the original on 1 October

The advert explains that the candidate will be "creating and texturing environment assets for the biggest and best open-world environments in the industry". An anonymous Reddit user has posted images of what appears to be Grand Theft Auto 6, using an account that has since been deleted. So far, the images have been decried as fake but as always, there's no way of knowing for certain.

For that reason, we thought we'd let you make up your own mind. Is this the real game? You decide. Our first image is of the back of some bloke's head. Not much to go on, other than the fact that the render is of a high enough quality to confuse me into thinking that this was a real person. Oh, and check out the glowing cityscape in the background. The heavy rain makes it hard to see anything, which is altogether too convenient for my taste.

A Youtuber has pointed out that the vehicle looks just like one freely available on a 3D model site. This is potentially the heftiest leak yet if, of course, it's actually true. It depicts an airport at night, with a very Rockstar minimap sitting in the left-hand corner. The angle makes it seem as though this screenshot was taken by the player, whilst piloting the plane.

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