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Hardly recognizable as a sidecar bubbler, Mathematix has plucked the beehive from the top of the the tree, and turned it into a beautiful The Puffco Peak Colored glass adds a personalized touch to any Peak. The borosilicate glass piece features percolation water filtration, for a smooth hit each time.

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Minimalist styling and a blasted inner cone complement the Peak design perfectly. The attachment Subtle yet very stylistic, this modern take on a classic bubbler features a x-cut style diffused downstem, the user is sure to get a smooth and Grav Labs really hit the nail on the head with this mini hammer style bubbler.

This bong is available in your choice of blue, green, white, or black. The colored glass accents are subtle yet very stylistic, leaving the design Ride the wave with this mini recycler. There is worked glass sea life all over this pipe; from the banger hanger 14mm female joint and the 14mm male bowl to the base and even on the recycling tube.

There are Be prepared for a serious case of the munchies after hitting this Ramen bowl water pipe. Load up the 14mm glass bowl with your favorite spices and you're ready to get cookin'.

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This beautifully hand crafted dab rig is made This scientific glass ashcatcher features an 11 arm tree percolator. The wide chamber allows the tree perc to fully filter your smoke to enjoy smoother hits and a cleaner tobacco bong. Available in your choice of 14mm or 18mm male HVY Glass. HVY Glass consistently makes great looking bongs using creative techniques and designs. This 10" bubble beaker bong is a great example of HVY Glass manufacturing, and features beautifully swirled gold frit glass over deep black glass. An 18mm to 14mm Diamond Glass. Diamond Glass's Ball Perc Incycler is the perfect rig for seasoned concentrate users as it has a well-ventilated perc that creates active water and airflow.

The entire incycler rig is 12" tall and comes in two colors: topaz and green There is nothing baby about this dab rig. This clear glass baby bottle dab rig features a faberge egg design with swiss percs in both the upper and lower chambers.

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It also contains a diffused downstem. The dual chamber design, This 16" beaker bong from Grav Labs superbly combines form and function. Made from thick glass, this pipe has amazing durability and is built to last. This bong features a clear glass 18mm to 14mm showerhead downstem with your choice The Beauty of these Self Illuminating Recycler Rigs from Empire Glassworks are matched by their functionality, and and absolute show piece addition to any smokers collection.

Standing at This little beaker is the perfect size for any smoker, allowing for larger or smaller hits, the choice is entirely yours. The double maria rings on the 14mm male bowl included, provide easy grip when you rip this bong. This straight tube water pipe is a sleek example of clean scientific glass. The thick and clear borosilicate glass and the straight tube design make it durable as well as functional.

The design of this pipe is centered around providing Honey, I shrunk the rig! Broadcast your love of the herb with Mathematix' microphone-themed water pipe.

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This pipe has a microphone-shaped mouthpiece that's connected to the main chamber through two glass tubes. Inside the chamber is a unique inline perc that diffuses like a swiss Made out of 5mm thick glass all the way through, this recycler is built to last. The combo of clear and slime-green borosilicate glass allow you to My Bud Vase.

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My Bud Vase is a company that specializes in handcrafting water pipes from vintage flower vases. This Mathematix bubbler is far from being your standard hammer bubbler. It changes color! You may think this piece is red and blue, but wait until you use it.

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It will change color before your eyes. Better yet, there is If you've got a sweet tooth, the pictures of this rig say words.

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This drool-inducing glass bubbler features beautiful worked glass sculpted into the shape of an ice cream Sunday -- complete with an Oreo style cookie, chocolate fudge Looking for something irreverent? Look no further than Zink's heady goblin-themed dab rig. This water pipe's chamber features a naughty goblin head who sticks his tongue out at you while he filters your vapor as a fixed downstem.

A little The MJ arsenal line of mini rigs are designed with one simple philosophy in mind.

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Jet Bong Discount Codes. Apply the promo code and enjoy. GET CODE. Coupon Code. Subzero Waterpipe Coupon. Use promo code at checkout for online. r/JETWaterPipes: If you have never heard of the JET waterpipe or have and want to know more about it, look no further. Post any questions you have .

Less air, equals more flavor. All the pieces in the mini rig line come with a 10mm male banger nail, and all these pieces are This bong features a mushroom patch "growing" out of the chamber, and a 14mm Piranha Plant bowl.

The diffused Classic Mathematix designs are now available for your Puffco Peak! One of California's most trusted glass brands has recreated some of their most popular glass pieces like the Groovy Tube, Spray Can, and Gumball Machine, as replacement Percs for the The "Lillith" Water Pipe is handcrafted from a vintage flower vase, and looks classy enough to use as home decor. It comes with a faux flower that helps to disguise the bong as an innocent flower vase. The included flower Tavel glass is a spill proof, break resistant replacement for the original glass mouthpiece included with the Puffco Peak.

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This Travel Glass attachment is a Ashcatchers are a great way to not only keep your bong clean but diffuse your smoke as well. Choose the corresponding joint This scientific glass ashcatcher features a fixed downstem and an inset honeycomb percolator. Enjoy much smoother smoke and a cleaner water pipe by using a percolated ashcatcher. Shopping Cart. Bongs and Water Pipes. Home Bongs and Water Pipes. Hide Sold Out. Price under AMG GLass. Black Sheep Glass. Diamond Glass. Empire Glassworks. Grav Labs. Honey Supply. HVY Glass. LA Pipes. Marley Natural. Maverick Glass. MJ Arsenal. My Bud Vase. Primitive Pipes. Purr Glass. Roll Uh Bowl. Ronin Glass. Sesh Supply.