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Crisis averted. They can't look up my order. They can't cancel my order.

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They don't know why I was told to come to them. She has to send a report to the store to have these items canceled. Since the manager was supposed to already call me back, I called the store and asked to speak to the manager, after a lengthy hold and explanation of what was going on she said that she would cancel the order but that she had to go to a register so could she call me back?! The drain hose was too short so the lead guy tried to connect the extension from the original washer which was much wider.

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I expressed concern about leaks and asked them to test. Sure enough, water floods my floor. And so they left without completing the install. After the left the fill hoses, which they had hooked up, started leaking. Tried to call Lowe's 3x but no one would pick up so I had to drive there. Told that installers aren't supposed to extend hoses. And that normally the install company will not come out a second time even if there's an issue really?

So I did- bought longer drain hose and scheduled new appointment. XPO sent the same people to my chagrin. After unscrewing the fill hoses and getting water all over the place was told the leaks were from the valves which was interesting because I didn't have valve leaks before the install to my knowledge. Then the guy went to hook up drain hose. Is a hose which accommodates 3 port sizes but the guy didn't get that and I had to coach him through cutting off the widest part at the end to expose the smaller part that fit snugly over the port. The hose was longer than needed and the guy shoved most of excess hose into standpipe.

I asked about curved plastic piece to hold hose because saw in manual supposed to use it and he told me you only use it when mounting to a wall.

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He also had no intention of securing the hose to the pipe. I couldn't find the cable tie so gave him a rubber band for lack of a better solution. Later, during a wash cycle, the hose flew out of the standpipe. Had to call a plumber to fix this and the leaks. I would have been better off installing the thing myself. I sent an email to Lowes and XPO about what happened and asked for reimbursement of plumber bills. Was told by Lowes rep someone would call me and no one did. Someone from XPO did, however, and sent me Amex gift cards to cover the cost of the plumber bills.

Will never buy an appliance from Lowes again. I purchased a entry door in Oct and added screen doors in June. I want to match up the colors, but Lowe's couldn't advise to me what door or color I purchased?? How can I match this up without taking part of the door to the store??

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I was told because they closed the store I purchased at, they can't help me?? Very poor service.

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You have chosen to thumb up this deal. Longing for appliances of a bygone era? Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Location: Brentwood, Tennessee 43, posts, read 41,, times Reputation: If you run across this, especially in displays or control panels, rule it out. I flipped houses for years and that 6 months no interest on the Lowe's card can help you make serious money. One of the best ways to save on appliances is to buy used.

No wonder they are closing stores, is very apparent to me. I have dealt with 3 ladies over the past few years. Emma, home appliances. Emile, paint and most recently "Ronnie" in garden tools. As I'm writing this long overdue bit of praise, I can see their faces.

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CUSTOMER SERVICE. Rebates · Returns & Exchanges · Shipping & Delivery · Special Orders · Recalls & Product Safety · Protection Plans · Military Discount. Shop home appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, washers and more at Lowe's. We'll match the competition so you get the best deal.

I am 77, critical of everything! Always have something to gripe about! Stay with me now, they, everyone of them, not only put up with a cranky, impatient old man,..

europeschool.com.ua/profiles/xaxukav/rencontre-gratuit-france.php Emma, Emile and Ronnie all provided unbelievable, knowledgeable service, Bought new clothes washer. Didn't learn from first purchase that flooded laundry room.

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Same thing happened. Connection between Lowes purchased flex pipes and washer leaking all over laundry room. Looks like they damaged my water faucet, can't turn off water. They refused to send anyone out for two days. Warrington, Pa store team, "nothing we can do". Escalated to corporate. Someone from our team will respond. A day has passed, no contact.

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The delivery team is strictly dump and run. Wish I had read reviews before I shopped at Lowes. I don't shop at Lowes very often. They have serious operational issues and don't care at all the difficulties they visit onto customers. I hadn't shopped since because the Rubbermaid Deck storage cabinet I ordered for pickup could not be found, they sent me an email it was ready for pickup. However, I showed up the next morning and it wasn't anywhere to be found. Instead of delivering it once they had found the cabinet, they kept me waiting for over an hour until they dismantled a display cabinet and presented that to me, missing parts with no price adjustment.

I refused that.

Eventually Lowes found the units stuffed on top of a rack with no explination why they were in the back of the store and not the customer pickup area. I wrote to corporate about the terrible experience and they responded back that the store management would be contacting me. I was never contacted. I hadn't been to Lowes again until a AA battery deal came up on slickdeals.

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I ordered the for pickup and made a trip to retrieved the package. Once I got home, I discovered that I was given someone else's package, Tub Facets in a brown paper bag. I email Corporate explaining that I would not be back at that location and to ship the batteries to me and provide a way to send the tub facets back. A reply came back that the store managers would be contacting me. I never heard from the store and after two weeks I sent another email that I had not been contacted and I was going to write a SiteJabber review.

Again I was promised to be contacted and I haven't. So, here's my warning. Lowes has serious problems with follow through and no one in the organization will take responsibility to resolve problems. Purchased LG washing machine from Lowe's. They said it was a special order and that LG is very slow at getting them products. Allison in appliance sales was very good and knowledgeable on products. She gave me a price match to an online retailer and asked if I wanted to puchase new hoses as they can not reuse old hoses.

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Since I had recently replaced hoses on old washer with stainless steel hoses, I declined. After 4 weeks, I got a call that the appliance would be delivered on a Sunday. Happy to get it, as we have been doing wash at neighbors and our dirty clothes were piling up. Well it was not Lowes that did delivery.